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Calcium Fluoride Powder

Calcium Fluoride Powder (Flourspar Acid Grade)

Calcium Fluoride Powder (Flourspar Acid Grade)

Available in packaging : 50 kg HDPE BAG
CAS Number : 7789-75-5

Molecular FormulaCaF2Assay as CaF297.5% Min.
Molar Mass78.07 g/molSiO21.5% Max.
AppearanceWhite crystalline solid (single crystals are transparent)S0152% Max.
Melting point1,418 °CP0.03% Max
Boiling point2,533 °CCaCO31% Max
Density3.18 g/cm3Fe2O30.3% Max.
Solubility in water0.0015 g/100 mL (18 ° C)Moisture1% Max

Magnesium Fluoride

Magnesium Fluoride
Available in packaging : 50 kg HDPE BAG
CAS Number : 7783-40-6

Properties Specification
Molecular formula MgF2 Purity as MgF2 97% Min.
Molar mass 62.3018 Mg 32.10 % Min.
Appearance white tetragonal crystals Fluorine 59.56 % Min.
Density 3.148 g/cm3 Free Acidity 0.50%
Melting point 1263 °C Sulfate SO4 0.05%
Boiling point 2260 °C (decomp) Silica as SiO2 1.0% Max
Solubility in water 0.013 g/100 ml Moisture 0.5% Min

Magnesium Silico Fluoride

Magnesium Silico Fluoride

Available in packaging : 50 kg HDPE BAG
CAS Number : 16946-65-8

Name of Product   Magnesium Silico Fluoride
Mol. Wt 178.15
Physical PropertiesChemical Properties
Appearance White Granular Crystals% MgSiF6.6H2O 98 %
Physical StateSolid% MgSO4.7H20 0.5%
OdorOdorless% H2SiF60.2%
Specific Gravity
(H2O = 1)
White Granular Crystals% H2O 0.6%
Solubility (weight %)Solid% Water Insoluble 0.25%
pHOdorless% SiO20.05%
Melting Point White Granular Crystals% MgF2 0.15%
Sieve Analysis
- 18 BSS (853 mm)
- 200 BSS (75 mm)

100 %
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